Cleaning your drainage ditches of build-up each fall keeps them flowing in the spring, letting you in the field earlier and reducing loss of valuable acres due to flooding.


  • Rugged 4X4 tube frame diagonally braced in all directions
  • Main cross frame is double 4X4 tube, 3/8" wall
  • 1 1/2" X 12" vertical shank
  • 5' wing span, 3/8" thick mold boards
  • Standard spring trip, plus 3/4" shear bolt protection
  • All pivot points are greasable
  • Replaceable point
  • Angled mold boards to leave tapered sides and to minimize ridging
  • 28" cutting depth, depends on 3 pt. setting and travel
  • No rotors or power shafts to break
  • Cover more ground in less time


  • Subsoiler point
  • Mole wedge
  • 7' blade
  • Box scraper
  • Wire and plastic pipe laying attachment
  • Bale spear